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Exercise Is For Everyone - No Matter What Your Goal or Circumstance!

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Are your jeans too tight? Does your bum need a lift? Is there a goal you’ve always wanted to achieve? Or are you striving for a generally healthier, more energised lifestyle?

As your Personal Trainer I will set a realistic, effective plan of action using proven, balanced and innovative methods to achieve your goals whilst having fun and providing you with friendly, motivational support. I am a Selby based personal trainer, but I also work with clients from surrounding villages and further afield, such as Ilkley. I now offer Online Training too so I can train you wherever is most convenient and comfortable.

Weight Loss and Weight Management

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Do you want to lose that extra weight and be able to keep it off without being on and off a diet, without counting calories or 'points' and while still being able to eat carbs (yes that includes bread and pasta!) have your guilty pleasures (we all have one)!

Healthy well balanced nutrition and exercise go hand in hand to achieve these results. I will provide nutrition advice and a specific and effective training programme to achieve your goals that will be easy to follow and become part of your lifestyle. Your exercise plan will be interesting, fun, functional and address any of your other goals. It is possible to reach your goals and retain your achievements while still having a life.

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Muscle Toning and Shaping

personal training in selby, north yorksire

The use of body weight and free weights is a fantastic and functional way to shape and strengthen your body. Following a personalised programme along with nutrition advice will help you shape those annoying areas whilst making you feel stronger and fitter.

I will progress your programme as you are ready and work together towards achieving a fantastic shape.

Whether you want a bum like Beyonce, want to wave confidently while wearing a vest top, want a washboard stomach or want to strengthen around a weakened joint/s to help alleviate pain without causing the joint further distress then resistance training with me is for you. Your programme is tailored for you so it will be appropriate for your goals and your ability.

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Perimenopause through to Post Menopause

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The perimenopause can sometimes last up to 10 years before the menopause, and once we hit the day we are 12 months without a period, we will be postmenopausal from then on.

It can be quite a scary and unsettling time with so many symptoms that can be experienced - including low mood, heightened anxiety levels, ‘brain fog’, paranoia, disturbed sleep or insomnia, hot flushes, finding it harder to lose weight, less energy, issues with memory, lack of enthusiasm in things you used to enjoy, and a whole lot more - the list just goes on. I believe in the saying ‘knowledge is power’ and I am armed with the knowledge to help us understand what is happening in our bodies, and how to help manage or lessen the symptoms to enable you to feel like you again.

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General Improved Fitness AND Health

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Do you have health concerns and need to improve your fitness? Do you want to walk or jog upstairs without getting out of breath? Want to meet a target or challenge important to you and would like help to achieve it? Want to feel better about your self image and invest in your wellbeing? Has your Doctor advised you to partake in some exercise due to joint pain, lung problems, depression? Whatever your reasons and fitness goals, as your personal trainer, I am here to help.

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Improved Exercise Performance

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Exercise performance can be anything from being able to run your first 5km (3mile) race or, as an accomplished exerciser, completing another Triathlon or Marathon and achieving your personal best time.

For either client your goals are important to me and I will tailor a personal training programme for you. This will include our sessions, a program to do during the week when you are not with me which compliments what we do together and will look at not just cardiovascular fitness but also muscle strength and core training to ensure you can make the most of your improving heart and lung fitness to get you across the line in your best time.

I have trained clients to complete endurance treks abroad, large endurance cycling events, triathlons, marathons etc and also helped clients run their first 5km race. Whatever your challenge, we will work together so you can achieve it.

For an example of what it possible see my testimonial page; clients who originally came to me wanting to lose weight and generally improve their fitness for daily life. They immersed themselves in my advice, our sessions and the programs I gave them and ended up completing a challenge they never thought possible and then having got the fitness bug decided to take on further fitness goals. You really can achieve more than you think with the right advice and support if you want it.

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Pilates One to One

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In Pilates it is believed that all movement comes from a strong centre 'core', which can be called the 'powerhouse'. Every exercise in Pilates is controlled by the contraction of the deep abdominal muscles and aims to strengthen these muscles.

This can alleviate back pain but it is also important for everyone. For example, if you want toned slender arms or build your biceps but don't have a good core strength then you will not be training to your full potential and are more likely to injure yourself. I include Pilates and Core Training within my Training but I am also able to provide Pilates only sessions on a one to one basis.

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For more information, see the Nutrition page.

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Corporate Personal Training: Increase Fitness and Wellbeing

corporate personal training by SAM

Organisations are now helping their employees to improve their health and wellbeing while at work or by sign posting them to professionals who can aid them in this area as there are numerous benefits.

Just call or email if you would like me to work with your corporate organisation to help members of your workforce improve their health and wellbeing.

In turn this can help to increase staff concentration and productivity, increase staff motivation, decrease sick leave taken, decrease issues of low back pain and decrease health care costs. I am able to train staff at your workplace or in their homes.

Healthy workplace = Healthy employees = Healthy profits!

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Exercise for the Management of Low Back Pain

Approx 80% of the population experiences low back pain. Sometimes it can be caused due to a bulging disc, sometimes it is due to weak core muscles and incorrect posture and sometimes it is classed as unspecific where there isn't an apparent structural problem or issue yet the individual is still experiencing pain and discomfort. If any of this sounds like you then don't despair, there is potentially huge improvements you can achieve with a Personal Trainer.

See Rebecca's testimonial to see how I helped her unspecific back pain and what can be achieved.

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Obesity and Diabetes Practitioner

If you have a BMI of 30 or higher, with or without diabetes and would like to lose weight but are unsure where to start then give me a call and you can begin by meeting me free of charge in your own home, in the park, wherever you feel comfortable. We can have a chat as to how we can work together and you can find out how using myself as your Personal Trainer can help you achieve your goals. I will listen to you regarding your goals, your situation and the challenges you face and we will work together to construct a plan which will suit you.

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