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Personal Training for Young People from 2 - 18 years old

Whether you are a young person who wants to do better in a particular sport or PE, whether you have goals to be fitter/stronger/faster or you have always disliked exercise but feel like you are missing out and want to start to have fun while gaining the physical and mental benefits from it, then get in touch. I can tailor a programme especially for you and your goals and around your likes and dislikes.

Exercise is for everyone but not everyone likes everything. I know this better than most as I really disliked PE at school, especially in secondary school due to the lack of choice and inspiration around me. It was only when I left and found a different type of exercise that I got into fitness, found a love for it and now it's my career and can't imagine my life without exercise in it, so if I can learn to love it, everyone can.

It's not just about exercise though, I help people make small changes over time that result in big changes for their whole lifestyle. This can help in lots of areas such as better sleep, improved concentration at school, more energy and generally being healthier.

So whether you are mega fit and want to be fitter to be the next GB Olympian or you are a complete beginner and don't know where to start, don't worry I can help.

Personal Training with Sam "was fun, it got me feeling energetic and I would love to do it again and it also made me realise how important exercise is." Jack, aged 8.

Family Training

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If you are a family looking to make a positive change towards a healthier lifestyle through food and exercise and other changes without diets and with a programme that can accommodate your current work/life balance then feel free to give me a call for more info. I am qualified to work with families from the age of 2 years old up to the grandparents of the family so everyone can join in if they would like to.

Small Groups

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If you have a group of friends who would like to workout together and in a class that is tailored to your goals then give me a call for more info.

School Programmes

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Strong And Motivated Kids Health and Wellbeing Programmes are weekly sessions of either 6 or 12 week blocks.

The Programme is to educate and inspire kids to be healthier and stronger in mind and body. It's aim is not only to help kids already interested in healthy food and exercise to know more and nurture their enthusiasm, but also help kids who either lack healthy lifestyle knowledge, don't think they're good at being 'fit' or would like to be fitter or healthier but don't know how. It can help them learn, feel empowered, boost self confidence and self esteem while feeling part of a group where it is acknowledged that although we are all different, we are all great at something and we are all there to learn, support each other and have fun.

"Everything was brilliant, especially the Balloon Game...." Isobelle, aged 11.

Health And Wellbeing Sessions

Each week will target a different area of good health and wellbeing such as:

  • Food groups and what they offer the body.
  • The benefit of different vitamins and minerals and where we get them.
  • Sugar: the different types, where we find it and the affects on health and energy balance.
  • Snacking and healthy options, which are also kind to the pocket.
  • Physical Activity and Exercise: how much do we need and why they are so important, plus there is always something for everyone, exercise doesn't mean sport.

The emphasis for all sessions will be on all of the children having fun while learning some great healthy lifestyle tips.

Increased knowledge and fitness results are quantified at the end of each Programme.

Strong And Motivated Kids Health And Wellbeing Programme Tried and Tested

"Sam is fabulous at motivating and informing children. Our Y6 class were a challenge in many ways but that didn't stop Sam from gaining fabulous results within her structured 6 week programme. A real testament to Sam was the feedback gathered from the children during the final session. 'Nothing could make it better because it's already great!' And... 'My favourite bit was everything!' Observing a diverse bunch of children laughing and having fun whilst building and developing their self esteem and knowledge, was more than enough for me. Keep up the great work Sam. Looking forward to welcoming you back next academic year."Mrs Martland. St Mary's, Selby.

In addition to my qualifications specific to children and young people regarding exercise and nutrition, I have a current DBS check and Certificate of Achievement in Child Protection In Sport by NSPCC Training.

For further information regarding Personal Training for adults please see

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